2017 - 57th Annual Scottish Festival and Games - Event Winners and Photographs
Date: Saturday, August 26th, 2017.
Location: Old Westbury Gardens, Old Westbury NY.
Event Winners:
   Caber Toss (Men)
1st:    Rob Von Bargen
   Caber Toss (Women)
1st:    Sarah Feingold
   Putting The Stone (Men)
1st:    Rob Von Bargen
   Putting The Stone (Women)
1st:    Kelly Hughes
   Tossing The Sheaf (Men)
1st:    Gregory Gromling
   Tossing The Sheaf (Women)
1st:    Kelly Hughes
   Athletes Of The Day
Men:    Rob Von Bargen
Women:    Kelly Hughes
   Favorite Antique Car
1st:    Dr. Conn Foley
   Plain Shortbread Competition
1st:    Peter Burnside Sr.
2nd:    Diana McEwen Holbrook
   Fancy Shortbread Competition
1st:    Diana McEwen Holbrook
2nd:    Jennifer Clinton
   Raffle Winners
Tickets For Two to Scotland:    David Ross
Kilt:    Allison